We help you develop a comprehensive

view of the data in your world.

Big data is big business.

Big data in the interconnected world is even bigger business.

Despite the dynamically emerging opportunities in the
interconnected world, many companies fail to take action.


A lack of knowledge about their very own data

A lack of understanding of how to maximize the
monetary value of data and minimize the risk

A lack of experienced guidance

Abraca-Data provides the guidance enabling you to identify, understand and begin to make use of your data.

We help find the right balance between risk and opportunity.

Most importantly, we empower you with the knowledge and understanding to talk and directly work with the data stakeholders, ensuring the success of the service, product offering or platform.

Our Goal

To guide you through the business decisions that will help define your long-term success.

We provide a framework for a holistic assessment of how data is:

  • Identified – Is it personal or regulated information?

  • Acquired – How does the data enter your system(s), and what consent do you have?

  • Processed – Where and how does the data move within your company systems?

  • Monetized – How do you intend to commercialize the data?

  • Retained – What are your policies regarding data retention, disposition and destruction?

This will give you the basis for making informed decisions regarding the products and services you want to take to market.

We help find the right balance between risk and opportunity.